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How to get Free Fortnite V Bucks in 2021 ?

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Fortnite Chapter 3 has arrived. Season 1 : Flipped


Fortnite Chapter 3 - Season 1 : Starting December 5, 2021

A new Chapter is here with plenty of new features for the start of a new story in Season 1, so try your luck now to earn your free v bucks !

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What are V Bucks ?

V bucks are the virtual currency used in the Fortnite video game, they are used to purchase various cosmetic items (outfits, pickaxes, skins, emotes and more) in any mode of the game.


How Do I Get In-Game V Bucks ?

All players can earn v-bucks in each new season of the game with the Free Pass available to all and also with the purchase of the Battle Pass. By leveling up these two passes, you earn v bucks.

However, it takes a long time to get the Free Pass and it doesn't offer you a lot of v bucks. The Battle Pass is paid for, which is not the best way to get v bucks for free.

We have the solution for you. Our site offers you several mini-games to collect v bucks for free.


Important Information

You must have an active Epic Games account to be able to use the code of a V bucks card that you have won and redeem your gift. The maps are to be used ONLY on the official Fortnite website accessible directly here

V Bucks earned are transferable only once. They cannot therefore be transferred from one account to another. So choose your account carefully before entering the code of your V bucks card that you have won.

V Bucks can be used on all platforms.


Try to dethrone the best players in the world with your free V Bucks that you will be able to win thanks to our various completely free, fast and simple contests and become one of our many winners. Claim your reward !


3 Ways To Earn V Bucks

Choose the mini-game of your choice to earn your V bucks

Pick Up The Battle Pass For Free

Still wanting more and wanting the Chapter 3 Season 1 Battle Pass ? You are in the right place ! We give you your free battle pass directly on our site. Try your luck now.

Join Fortnite Club For Free

This is the ultimate club for the greatest Fortnite players. The only way to optimize your experience in the game. The members of this very closed club have exclusive advantages reserved just for them like unique outfits and accessories.

Joining the Fortnite club costs 11.99 $US per month, but you're in luck ! We're giving it to you just for you, so try your luck now.

What can I do in the Fortnite game with the V-Bucks I have earned on the site?

In Fortnite Battle Royal :

Buy all cosmetic items from the Fortnite Store like Outfits, Gliders, Emotes and more !

Obtain the Combat Pass for the current Season and go up to the Last Tier !


In Fortnite Save the World :

Get free Lamas Piñata filled with loots like Weapons or Traps and even EXP !


How Much Are V Bucks Worth? The Price of Each V-Buck

100 V Bucks = 1 $US

1000 V Bucks = 10 $US

10000 V Bucks = 100 $US

100000 V Bucks = 1000 $US

You don't have to earn v-bucks, our site also lets you get real money .


What Platform Are V Bucks Earned On ?

The v bucks you earn can be used on the platform of your choice and will be available on your Fortnite account. You can also get a game console for free from our site.


Collect The Best Skins In The Game

With your v bucks, you can buy any outfit you want, even the most popular in the community. Regularly, new outfits are added to the game and available for purchase in the store.


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