Free V Bucks Generator for Fortnite game

What are V Bucks ?

The Fortnite game uses a virtual currency called V Buck. These coins allow players to obtain hundreds of cosmetic in-game items like skins, dances, pickaxes and more directly in-game. These v bucks can be used in Fortnite Battle Royal or Fortnite: Save the World , the two game modes.


How to generate free v bucks in 2021 ?

As a player, you can very well earn v bucks directly in-game thanks to the various missions present in Fortnite. You can also pay v bucks in the official Fortnite game store. But the easiest and cheapest way is to get them with a free v bucks generator without spending your money.

Where to find a free V Bucks generator for Fortnite ?

Fortnite game players can find a large number of online v bucks generators on the internet by simply doing a search. Unfortunately, most of these generators are totally bogus and are not going to earn you any v buck for Fortnite in any way.

Why 97% of V Bucks Generators are Scams ?

Most of the v bucks generators for Fortnite game that you can see online make you think they are free but in reality it is not. Be careful, they are even dangerous. Moreover, if you look closely at these sites, no legal information is present. It is therefore impossible to know the owner or the company behind the site. You should know that this information is mandatory in France for any site, even the smallest site of an individual.

After completing several steps to recover your v bucks for free, these fake generators ask you to verify your identity with your bank card. They clearly specify (generally in BOLD) that it will not be debited. This technique is formidable because it allows to increase the confidence of the Fortnite player for the site but in reality, you enter all your banking information with your means of payment on this site and you have fallen into the trap. In several months, you will surely be charged a certain amount without knowing where it may come from.

During the validation stages, these online v bucks generators for the Fortnite game will also be able to obtain your credentials to supposedly credit your account but in reality, you give access to your account to hackers who can do what they want. want and possibly blackmail so that you can regain control.

Also, don't rely on these fake generators to earn you free v bucks for Fortnite game. Only Epic Games has control over its own servers and therefore over your v bucks and no third-party software can claim otherwise.

Why is our free V Bucks generator safe and reliable ?

Our v bucks generator does not work like most other generators that you can find on the internet. We will never ask you for your login details or a payment method to verify your identity. The only documents that may be necessary in case of doubt about an entry are a photocopy of your identity document as well as a written authorization from the legal representative for the participation of a minor under 18 years old. But in practice this remains extremely rare.

Our free v-bucks generator for Fortnite gaming has a limited number of daily v-bucks available. It is for this reason that it is based on a system of chance. It is the principle of our site besides.

The V-Bucks generated with our generator are linked to your participation ticket and are blocked in our special vault for V-bick: the Fortbucks. In case of winning, they will be unlocked and sent to you.

The selection of winners is made the same day at midnight (00:00). Each winning player will be contacted directly by email the following day.

It is important to know that you will not receive v-bucks directly but a free code of a certain value corresponding to the prices of v-bucks on the market (PSN code of 20 euros, xbox live code of 50 euros, google code play of 25 euros ...)

Finally, our site displays its legal notices in a clear and readable manner (compulsory in France).

So you have nothing to worry about using our free v-bucks generator for the Fortnite game and in addition it is without human verification. So try your luck now!